Endeavour Energy has realigned its free Electricity & Safety Unit for Years 5 & 6 to meet the requirements of the NSW Board of Studies Science & Technology syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

Developed in collaboration with the Department of Education and Communities, the resources include a downloadable lesson book and four complementary interactive whiteboard lessons below that will engage your students in learning about electricity and how to be safe around it. 

  • Lesson 1 – What is electricity
  • Lesson 2 – Electricity Safety
  • Lesson 3 – Electricity generation and electrical circuits
  • Lesson 4 – Investigations, design task and consumption

Free Electricity Safety Week 2017 prize pack
If you are in Endeavour Energy's network area, your school can register for a free Electricity Safety Week 2017 prize pack.

In the pack you will receive electricity safety posters, stickers, activity booklets, quizzes and prizes for your students.

These will be distributed to schools in August, just in time for Electricity Safety Week 2017!

To register email electrickids@primary-pr.com or call 02 9212 3888.

Endeavour Energy is committed to public safety and is dedicated to educating students about how to be safe around electricity.

Electricity Safety Week is designed to raise awareness of the hazards associated with electricity and help teachers meet the Science & Technology as well as PDHPE syllabus outcomes for years K-6.

2017 Electricity Safety Week resources can be downloaded here:

Activities booklet and student quizBlack and white posterColour posterTeacher feedback formMerit certificateElectricity facts

Electricity made easy